Close My Facebook Account 2018

Close My Facebook Account 2018: This mailblog teaches you the best ways to remove your Facebook account without choice of recovering it later on. You can not perform this procedure from the Facebook mobile application.

Close My Facebook Account 2018

Go to Facebook's removal page. In a web internet browser, browse to by typing it into the address bar and pressing ↵ Enter.
If you are not immediately logged in, enter the email address or telephone number as well as password for your account, then click Log In. It's a blue switch in the middle of the page.

Click Delete My Account. It's below the warning message in the middle of the page. Clicking it conjures up a pop-up home window.

Enter your password once more. You'll do so in the "Password" field on top of the window.

Enter the captcha code. This code is the assortment of letters as well as numbers in the middle of the window; you'll type your response into the area listed below the code.
If you can't read the code, you can click either the Attempt an additional message or the an audio captcha link listed below the code to generate a brand-new one.

Click OK. This will certainly submit your code. If it's correct, an additional pop-up window will show up.
If you inaccurately entered your password or captcha code, you'll be asked to attempt once again.

Click OK to remove your account. It's at the bottom of the pop-up window. Overall account removal could take up to 14 days, yet your account will be gone from Facebook after that amount of time.