Turn Off Autoplay Video Facebook 2018

Turn Off Autoplay Video Facebook 2018 : Discover how you can disable videos from playing automatically in your Facebook news feed for both the mobile application and on the desktop.

Turn Off Autoplay Video Facebook 2018

The Ice Pail Obstacle has actually been hugely successful in raising money for ALS research study, yet the resulting videos that certainly have been showing up in your Facebook information feed might be elevating your information fees. By default, videos are set to autoplay in Facebook. When we checked out the disabling this function in 2014, you can disable when on a cellular connection, currently you have the option of disabling autoplay altogether.

On an apple iphone, go to Settings and also scroll down until you find Facebook. Faucet on it and afterwards touch Settings. Next off, faucet on the Autoplay setting and also pick either Wi-Fi only or Off so you do not utilize a large piece of your monthly data slice on Facebook video clips.

On Android, you will certainly locate the auto-play settings within the Facebook application itself. Tap the menu switch then select setups.

You could additionally disable autoplay video clips on the desktop computer must you locate it a disturbance to have video clips play as you leisurely scroll down your Facebook feed. To do so, click on the downward arrowhead in the upper-right corner and pick Setups from the drop-down menu. Next, click on Video clips from the left-hand navigating panel and also pick Off.